June 2019 – Print Night

Qualicum Beach-Wes Bergen.jpg

Qualicum Beach by Wes Bergen

My eyes lit up when I saw this print. The colour in the foreground drew me right into the image. The contrast of the yellow flowers against the dark sky and water lent a dramatic touch to a lovely scene. The moss-covered log and rays of light shining through the dark, turbulent sky added further interest. So much to “see”. This is one to frame and hang! — Virginia Hayes

May 2019 – Print Night

MC-Fallen Clouds-Rosa Jeong-1.jpg

Fallen Clouds by Rosa Jeong

Choosing a favourite from so many excellent images is always a challenge. The one that really caught my eye was an image that not only presented a lovely mountain range landscape but also a feeling of vivaciousness and fun spirit with the dog bounding towards the camera at the right of the image. The photograph not only illustrates well composed mountain scenery with vivid colourful skies, but also action and pleasure conveyed by the running dog. While the dog in some ways is almost incidental to the mountain scene it in fact serves to enhance the feeling of outdoor joy, making you want to be part of the scene. This photo truly captured my imagination. — Tom Becker

April 2019 – Print Night

Floating Helleborus-Paul Bild.jpg

When Julie asked me to pick my favorite I didn’t think it would be such a difficult task but there were just so many excellent prints last week. After some reflection my choice is Paul Bild’s Floating Hellebores. I love images that have lots of detail to explore and discover. When we talked about our prints we had brought for the evening Paul told me that it took him just 30 seconds to take it. Although not a criterion by which to judge art I was also impressed by the efficiency (compared to my cherry blossoms which took about an hour set up). — Claudia Schwab